How to install the free SSL certificate from “Let’s Encrypt” on NameCheap Shared Hosting Server without SSH access. [Working]

Do you want to make your website secure by enabling https:// by installing Free SSL certificate from “Let’s Encrypt” on NameCheap Shared Hosting Server without SSH access? If the answer is YES, then follow the steps below to achieve the same completely free. In fact, this will work on any hosting server which allows installation …     continue reading  

How to fix 403 error resulting out of wrong installation of SSL certificate on Bitnami WordPress Stack For AWS Cloud

The issue of “403 error” can result from various reasons. In my case, it was due to the wrong installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on the EC2 instance on AWS. After the SSL certificate setup, once the Apache server was restarted the website was down and it started showing a 403 forbidden error. The …     continue reading  

Install Postgres database on Windows and allow password less access

Install Postgres Database on Windows and allow password less access for the database to be used in various applications. Install Postgres database on Windows machine by downloading the executable file from here: pgAdmin tool can be downloaded and setup on Windows machine to view and manage the databases and tables by downloading the executable …     continue reading  

How to get rid of the “” hack ? [Solved]

Somedays back I noticed that when I type something into my browser it takes me to a different search engine called “” which I don’t remember installing or set in the browser. I looked into my browser settings for anything suspicious but didn’t find any. Now, how to get rid of the “” hack ? …     continue reading  

Like Ultimate Member, But do not need WooCommerce. Want to use EDD for Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member – EDD Integrates the popular e-commerce plugin Easy Digital Downloads with Ultimate Member.   Key Features View Easily integrates users purchases tab in user profile You can display and view user orders from account page Now manage billing address from account page You allow user to have a specific role if they purchase a specific …     continue reading  

How to stop outgoing emails being sent through postfix from your local machine in Mac OS X ?

In latest versions of Mac OS X, by default the postfix is set to send emails from your local machine to outside world. This might cause you troubles if you are developing applications on your local machine and your application has email sending functionality to customers. Unfortunately if you have some customers’ email addresses in …     continue reading