Mashable changed its platform from WordPress to Ruby on Rails

Mashable New Look

Mashable, the latest in social media, tech, world news, business, entertainment related blog was based upon wordpress cms. Recently it has changed its look and feel with completely new style and fully responsive layout. Ruby on Rails with Backbone JS and Handlebarsare the platforms used to built the new site. Features like Adaptive Design, “Next …     continue reading  

WordPress 3.5 (Beta 1) and Twenty Twelve theme is released

WordPress 3.5 Beta 1 is now available to download with lots of improvements. Another great news is the default theme which will be inside the WordPress 3.5 is also released and can be downloaded now separately for use. Have a look here: Twenty Twelve theme preview Download it from

Loading facebook social plugin into AJAX generated dynamic content. [Solved]

To include Facebook social plugins(ex: Facebook Comments into our site, we use some java-script and some HTML structure provided by facebook. It works fine until you have AJAXified your pages. If your site refreshes each page on each request then facebook social plugins work perfect. Problem occurs when the HTML structure is loaded via …     continue reading