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Just completed my WP 5k 2016 walk :)

Feeling little tired but happy as I have just now completed my WP 5k 2016 walk#WWWP5K ) !! If you aren’t aware of the WP 5k 2016, it’s a 5-kilometer run/walk/hike/hop in between September 19th to September 25th. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, if you are anyway involved with WordPress, just participate and blog about it.

Today morning I thought about taking part in the Worldwide WP 5k 2016 by walking the distance of 5 Km. Started off from my home and went to the Buddha Park and walked until I cover the WP 5k 2016 🙂 It’s really awesome to get up early and walk around that too for WordPress’s Worldwide WP 5k 2016.

I have been involved with WordPress for more than 5 years now, currently working as a WordPress developer at Axelerant. Love to unite with worldwide bloggers, runners, WP developers !!

Here is the map of my walk !!





























Selfie afterward:


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How to create Social Job Portal like Linkedin using WordPress ? [Solved]

You need a site like Linkedin?

BuddyPress Job Manager
BuddyPress Job Manager

Well there you can find a lot of Job Sites, But why Linkedin is different ? Because It is Social.

In WordPress, creating a job board is much cheaper and easier to get up and running. Here is one of the most popular plugin “WP Job Manager“. But It lacks social features. Well in WordPress there is another popular plugin called “BuddyPress“. It is used creating Social Networking Sites. If We are connecting both plugin then we are done.


How to Connect!! Thank god there is a plugin in WordPress for It. It is BuddyPress Job Manager. It’s free too 🙂

It is very simple to use. It follows normal installation.

This very simple like other wordpress plugin:

1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

Well there is a pro version for it too. BuddyPress Job Manager (Pro).

Try it out and create your own job board with social features integrated !!

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How to block the USSD notification/balance update messages on Android smart-phones ? [Solved]

Problem description:
In India, whatever internet plans you take for your smartphones, be it 3G, 2G Internet, GPRS etc. it always keeps randomly disconnecting. Sometimes it reconnects automatically, sometimes it takes a while. So, during this process we keep getting a remaining balance message or notification for the data usage which is nothing but a USSD.

What is USSD ?
USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a Global System for Mobile(GSM) communication technology that is used to send text between a mobile phone and an application program in the network. USSD is similar to Short Messaging Service (SMS), but,unlike SMS, USSD transactions occur during the session only. USSD is commonly used by prepaid GSM cellular phones to query the available balance.

These USSD messages for remaining balance and used balance are such that: these will asks the user to press the “OK” button and unless you press that, it stays like that on the screen and prevents you from performing any other task on the phone. It creates an overlay kind of screen which doesn’t allow the user to touch anything else unless you click ok button for each popup. Each time you send a sms, each time your internet gets disconnected etc. a notification popup will be displayed to be read by the user. These are so much in numbers that some one gets irritated.

There are times when you keep your smart-phone unused for more than one hour, and when you get a call, you have to press the “Ok” button 20-25 times on these popups to receive the call. Its really annoying !! Now, how to block those type of messages ? These frequent balance updates, data usage status are of no use/very less use.

There is a nice app called Quiet Balance. Named as Balance Update / USSD blocker on Google Play. This app specializes in blocking USSD messages.

  • It provides ways you can block only specific type of messages. It has three types of matching methods for blocking USSD messages.
    1. Substring match: You may choose to block messages that contain a specific text.
    2. Keyword list: a list of keywords (comma separated keyword list)
    3. Regular expression: for advanced users by writing regular expression.
    When these conditions are matched, it triggers a block of that ussd message.
  • You can also choose to show the balance update message once per day (or week/month). This will cause the first balance update message to show up, and all other messages will be blocked for the rest of the day.
  • Last 25 messages are saved in the message log, along with indication if the message was blocked or allowed.

Go get the app and install on your Android phone and make it Smart 🙂 🙂
Get it on Google Play



Slide to see all the screen shots of the App:

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Matt Mullenweg (the founder of WordPress) becomes the new CEO of Automattic


Matt Mullenweg (the founder of  WordPress) becomes the new CEO of Automattic. 

Toni Schneider, a senior executive spearheading Yahoo’s Developer Network was on this position as CEO of Automattic (a company started by Matt Mullenweg of WordPressfor last eight years. 

After eight years, I’ve decided to hang up my CEO hat and ask Matt to take over the job.
— Toni

Find out more details here regarding the news “A new CEO for Automattic” :


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Samsung Series 5 Going Strong-Technology News

Samsung Series 5 (NP540uC – AO1IN) won’t feel very impressive if you consider its size. However, size matter won’t take away from its lovely features. Much affordable and more features-rich, that can be the best tagline for this touch-type launch. The device is touch-screen sensitive and will feel wonderful if you are using it with Windows 8. Let us first pinpoint the benefits that come with this notebook technology news.
Look Matters Not
Yes, the model does not score high on aesthetics and won’t feel more than a machine. However appeal lies elsewhere. The notepad has a robust construction. It weighs 1.8 kgs. The lid and keyboard area have got a brushed metal look. This notebook model is tapered sharply on the edges on the front part. This machine makes an ideal package for busy executives who prioritize functions over figure and like something that is well within their budget.
Display Factor
Though it is a mid-sized model of Samsung notebook, still display screen is surprisingly larger (13.5 inch). 1366×768 is the maximum resolution that makes a perfect match for its screen size. That much resolution guarantees crispy images and brilliant colours. The device is promptly responsive to touch and swing. This ‘touch’ sensitive device will feel great to use if Windows 8 is installed in the system.

What It Fees Inside
This Samsung model is powered by a Core i5 processor. This explains its being superfast. The device just takes 15 minutes to boot up. It means just switch on the notebook and blink your eyes a fewer times and you will see log in screen. The notebook handles all types of computing works that you may need daily.
Don’t worry; your finger will not get stuck into the groove. Keyboard is spacious thereby allowing you to slide your fingers over it without any difficulties. In a word, it will be a comfortable typing experience for you.
Sound is pretty good. And preloaded SoundAlive software makes this acoustic experience much better through a range of equalizer settings.
More on the List
The notebook allows the users to toggle on and off the touchpad and touchscreen with the help of Input option of Setting.
Screen is glossy and that makes it prone to stains and fingerprints. The same feature is responsible for regular reflection which affects affect visibility adversely. Display does not look same from all angles. View it from other positions instead of standing right in the front of this notebook and images will look almost washed out.
The keyboard has not backlighting. Other downsides are the notepad includes only one USB 3.0 port and other two USBs are of 2.0 version. Going strong in the market and time can only tell if the show will go on.

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Chromebook @ $249 from Google

The Samsung Chromebook is an ultraportable, sleek laptop for everyday adventures. It weighs less than 2.5 pounds and offers more than 6.5 hours of battery so you can take it wherever you go. Starting at $249
Hardware Details:

  • 11.6’’ (1366×768) display
  • 0.8 inches thin – 2.5 lbs / 1.1 kg
  • Over 6.5 hours of battery 1
  • Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Processor
  • 100 GB Google Drive Cloud Storage2 with Solid State Drive
  • Built-in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • VGA Camera
  • 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
  • HDMI Port
  • Bluetooth 3.0™ Compatible

Software Details:

  • OS: Chrome OS

Details with Specs & Gallery:

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Learn, Grow & Build @ Wordcamp 2012, Mumbai

Second time in a year 2012, Yes!! after successful Wordcamp at Cuttack, India… its Mumbai (also known as Bombay, the most populous city in India) where the next Wordcamp 2012 is going to be held.

If you are passionate and knowledgeable about WordPress – from novice user basics to custom plugin/theme development, then this is the right place and right time to for you. Wordcamp Mumbai is bringing together the best in local designers, developers, business owners, and bloggers from across India and beyond under one roof, for blasting two days.

People like: Philip Moore (Theme Wrangler at Autmattic) and contributor to the starter theme “_s” (, Soumya Pratihari a professional blogger with over 25 blogs from Odisha and many others will be speaking during this two days event.

For Wordcamp Mumbai, 2012 details, visit:

So, Learn. Grow. Build. 🙂 🙂



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How to display profile image in google search

May be you want to display your google profile image next to the search result for your blogs in Google search. If you google something, you can see some small images next to the search results. These are nothing but the google profile images of the blog authors. When you see that photo show up in your search results, it means Google are verifying that the blog post was written by that person. If you click on the name in the search results, it takes you to that blog author’s Google+ Profile. You can join me on Google+ here!

Thankfully its very easy to configure your site to be compatible with the new author photo snippets that show up on Google Search. However not guaranteed that your photo, or a photo of one of your authors, will appear in Google Search immediately. It is rumored that Google has enabled that feature only for selected blogs and sites based on some criterias.

How to do it ?

  1. Create an author page or “About Me” page on your blog site(same domain).
  2. Add link to this author page from your blogs.
  3. Add a link to your Google profile in the Author page.
  4. Linking Back from Google Profile to your Author page/About Page.Here we need to link back from the Google profile to the about page on the website. Open your Google Profile, click the Profile icon at the top and then the Edit Profile button at the top. Locate links on the right side and select the Add custom link option.

The idea is actually extremely simple. You link from your blog to your Google Profile – Then, from your Google Profile to your blog. This reciprocal linking verifies that the owner of that Google Profile is also the (or an) author on that blog. If you own a multi authored blog it works too. You just need your bloggers to link from their Google Profile, to their author page on your blog.

I’d like you to read the instructions from Google,Google: Adding author information in search results which I followed to add the profile image.

To summarize:
Option 1. Add your name and email to your content (recommended for sites with content by multiple authors)
Option 2. Link your content to your Google Profile, and vice versa

Testing with google’s Rich Snippets Tool:
Once you have followed the instructions, check that you have done it correctly using Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool. This tool will let you know if the code is working and show you what your blog will “look” like in Google’s search results, AFTER they have activated it. To use the Rich Snippets Testing Tool, simply paste the URL (address) of one of your blog posts into it and press the preview button .

Then, if everything looks OK and you see your photo in the preview, it’s a matter of waiting… I look forward to seeing your smiling faces when I’m next searching!