How to block the USSD notification/balance update messages on Android smart-phones ? [Solved]

Problem description:
In India, whatever internet plans you take for your smartphones, be it 3G, 2G Internet, GPRS etc. it always keeps randomly disconnecting. Sometimes it reconnects automatically, sometimes it takes a while. So, during this process we keep getting a remaining balance message or notification for the data usage which is nothing but a USSD.

What is USSD ?
USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a Global System for Mobile(GSM) communication technology that is used to send text between a mobile phone and an application program in the network. USSD is similar to Short Messaging Service (SMS), but,unlike SMS, USSD transactions occur during the session only. USSD is commonly used by prepaid GSM cellular phones to query the available balance.

These USSD messages for remaining balance and used balance are such that: these will asks the user to press the “OK” button and unless you press that, it stays like that on the screen and prevents you from performing any other task on the phone. It creates an overlay kind of screen which doesn’t allow the user to touch anything else unless you click ok button for each popup. Each time you send a sms, each time your internet gets disconnected etc. a notification popup will be displayed to be read by the user. These are so much in numbers that some one gets irritated.

There are times when you keep your smart-phone unused for more than one hour, and when you get a call, you have to press the “Ok” button 20-25 times on these popups to receive the call. Its really annoying !! Now, how to block those type of messages ? These frequent balance updates, data usage status are of no use/very less use.

There is a nice app called Quiet Balance. Named as Balance Update / USSD blocker on Google Play. This app specializes in blocking USSD messages.

  • It provides ways you can block only specific type of messages. It has three types of matching methods for blocking USSD messages.
    1. Substring match: You may choose to block messages that contain a specific text.
    2. Keyword list: a list of keywords (comma separated keyword list)
    3. Regular expression: for advanced users by writing regular expression.
    When these conditions are matched, it triggers a block of that ussd message.
  • You can also choose to show the balance update message once per day (or week/month). This will cause the first balance update message to show up, and all other messages will be blocked for the rest of the day.
  • Last 25 messages are saved in the message log, along with indication if the message was blocked or allowed.

Go get the app and install on your Android phone and make it Smart πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Get it on Google Play



Slide to see all the screen shots of the App:

71 responses to “How to block the USSD notification/balance update messages on Android smart-phones ? [Solved]”

  1. ussd messages are irritating, Balance Update / USSD blocker didnt solved my problem, i used regular expression and typed everything on the displayed message but still ussd messages are displaayed frequently. is there any other solution, please help.

  2. This was awesome article dude πŸ™‚ Now I can easily get rid off USSD notification now. Can you tell him how can I put trackback of this article on my blog now?

  3. Hello,
    This app doesn’t work on newer versions of Android it seems. Would like to get hold of a good one though. Airtel driving me nuts !!

  4. Follow Peter’s advise : If you are on Idea, dial this code and the data usage messages will stop.
    *121*46# worked on my xiomi redmi

  5. thanks..i did it for idea network
    But i have another issue, while trying to dial (India) toll free numbers, my call is connecting as ISD could you help?

  6. Question, what about USSD messages that are pushed by network with two buttons: Send and Cancel, that is excessively used by networks to push promotions, how do we automatically click Cancel so that we don’t get irritated by it?

  7. Hi,
    I am using idea 3g on my Micromax canvas Nitro, when I dial *121*46#, message show invalid request and a menu apper

  8. I am also facing the same prob of frequent used notification in my canvas nitro… Can u please find me a solution for this prob…bcoz it’s it’s annoying…

  9. I am using Lumia 535 windows phone with Idea 2g net.
    Kindly suggest me to stop this annoying notification.

  10. Hello Subharanjan,

    Good post along with good description…..

    As you have mentioned in description that due to mobile data dis-connectivity problem notifications are popping-up ….

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570 and HTC Desire 820

    both mobiles are connected to wi-fi all time.

    In HTC DESIRE 820

    though i am not disconnected from wifi and not enabled data packet service

    still irritating notification is popping-up.

    i had tried 1) Disabled alert notification,
    2) Disabled mobile data (Bought HTC desire 820 1 and half month before,till now never used mobile data packet service)
    3) Increased limit and alert to more than 100gb (Damn surely i wont use this much)
    4) reset Device also completed

    Still the notification issues are Running.

    I would be much thankful for help without suggesting to install apk,contact service center……

  11. Hi,

    Is there any way to stop sending the request from mobile itself ?? I don’t want someone to know the transactions done on my mobile phone. How can we stop or block USSD requests being sent from our phone through other users ??

  12. This app ur suggesting cannot be installed on Galaxy S5..any more suggestions ..and what could be possible wrong with my phone, that this ussd pops up more than one hundred times a day. .keeps on poppin out almost every time I typed my keys if it could be a virus issue please suggest me one good one. ..

  13. As per customer Airtel customer support you can send any one of the following message to stop them..

    STOP 155223

    STOP ANOW 58234

  14. I am using BSNL prepaid and i contacted their customer care for this. But they are telling its an alert to notify the customer about their usage status and they don’t have an option to stop it. I don’t believe that. there should be some option to stop that. if anyone knows any code for stopping this please share..!! its simply annoying, by the time i accept all the messages incoming call get disconnected sometimes…

  15. Hai I too am a BSNL user. What i did was firstly reset my phone from the hidden menu.
    Then i sent a DND msg to BSNL “START” to 1909.
    I do not have to click ok 100 times to take a call now.

  16. i need the sms code to know the balance after disconnecting the call..if u have some solution pls help me out..

  17. I got 100s of data usage messages in micromax A310 nitro, *121*46# is not working and app is not installed on my phone.. plz help me out…

  18. Hi

    From last 2 week my internet is not working and also I’m not able to send inbox message and also not able recived back from anyone and also from bank OTP.

  19. For BSNL Customers please do the following:

    1. Call 1909
    2. Select “Talk to a customer care executive” option from the EVR Menu.
    3. Explain your issue to the executive and they will take the appropriate action.

    Hope this is useful.

  20. help me if u know anything about it. i m using a redme note 2 in bangladesh. when i dial *121*11# for my internet offer then it shows chinese language. how can i fix it?

  21. I have inserted a new BSNL prepaid sim on my Samsung Galaxy J5 phone. A message “Requesting handset configuration” is keeping popping up every five minutes. Which is very annoying to me. How could I get rid of

  22. What abt for windows phone users having the same problem with the USSD notifications abt the data usage??

    Please help!!!

  23. Hi Devadas, I am an IPhone user. The same issue is being affected me too. I just called 1909 and talked to BSNL customer service and as per them there is no solution for this.

  24. I have been contating BSNL for the past two days. I talked to a few executive. each one have their own explanation. Even some of them bluff that after one hour
    it will be stopped.

    I sent a mail to Karnataka circle of BSNL as well as chairman, BSNL. No reply.

    As it is BSNL is sinking. Tax payers money is pumped to keep the employee alive for doing nothing.

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