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How to integrate DiffMerge with Sublime Text for comparing files

The other day, I was searching for some ways to compare two files(one from production and another from the local development of the same file) in Sublime Text. I found that there is no default tool to compare two files, thats why I installed “FileDiffs“, a package which provides the above needed functionality. What this tool does is: it provides you a result file which contains unified differences from both the compared files with + (Plus) & (Minus) symbols. Even though it serves the purpose, but for someone who has been using compare tools like WinMerge, or the color-full GUI in Notepad++ editor on Windows, the experience will be horrible.

However a cool feature of this “FileDiffs” package is that, it can integrate with any external diff. tools through command line. So, I installed “DiffMerge“, an free application to visually compare and merge files. Below is the set of settings that integrates “DiffMerge” with “FileDiffs” on “Sublime Text 3”.

How and where to apply these settings ?

  • Go to: Sublime Text –> Preferences –> Package Settings –> FileDiffs –> Settings – User
  • Copy & paste the above code in the FileDiffs.sublime-settings file.
  • Restart Sublime and see the file diffs visually in a nice graphical way. 🙂
how to apply settings for FileDiffs
how to apply settings for FileDiffs


Diff with Tab - FileDiffs on Sublime Text
Diff with Tab – FileDiffs on Sublime Text


DiffMerge Window
DiffMerge Window

















Update: “Compare Side-By-Side” package for Sublime Text can be used to side-by-side file comparison & difference in Sublime Text 2 / Sublime Text 3. This works great and easy to set up.

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Will this work for other compare tools? I have compare-side-by-side, and following your instructions, led to a file called SBSCompare.sublime-settings

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