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Mashable changed its platform from WordPress to Ruby on Rails

Mashable New LookMashable, the latest in social media, tech, world news, business, entertainment related blog was based upon wordpress cms. Recently it has changed its look and feel with completely new style and fully responsive layout. Ruby on Rails with Backbone JS and Handlebarsare the platforms used to built the new site. Features like Adaptive Design, “Next Big Thing” and “Velocity” sections, Infinite scroll features inplace of old pagination and Microcontent facilty to share thing on the socual web have been added.

To see the design and layout of Mashable visit: Masahable

From Quora:
Read Quote of Chris Heald’s answer to Mashable: Is Mashable still using WordPress as the cms/platform ? What are the technologies behind this new look and feel? on Quora

Mashable is now running on a custom technology stack. The public-facing bits are a Ruby on Rails backend, with a lot of the templating work pushed to the front-end with Handlebars and Backbone. We’ll be doing a full writeup on the build in the near future.



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    This is really interesting. I am thinking of doing the same as mashable. (Not that I get that many views but it would be a good learning experience).

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