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Samsung Series 5 (NP540uC – AO1IN) won’t feel very impressive if you consider its size. However, size matter won’t take away from its lovely features. Much affordable and more features-rich, that can be the best tagline for this touch-type launch. The device is touch-screen sensitive and will feel wonderful if you are using it with Windows 8. Let us first pinpoint the benefits that come with this notebook technology news.
Look Matters Not
Yes, the model does not score high on aesthetics and won’t feel more than a machine. However appeal lies elsewhere. The notepad has a robust construction. It weighs 1.8 kgs. The lid and keyboard area have got a brushed metal look. This notebook model is tapered sharply on the edges on the front part. This machine makes an ideal package for busy executives who prioritize functions over figure and like something that is well within their budget.
Display Factor
Though it is a mid-sized model of Samsung notebook, still display screen is surprisingly larger (13.5 inch). 1366×768 is the maximum resolution that makes a perfect match for its screen size. That much resolution guarantees crispy images and brilliant colours. The device is promptly responsive to touch and swing. This ‘touch’ sensitive device will feel great to use if Windows 8 is installed in the system.

What It Fees Inside
This Samsung model is powered by a Core i5 processor. This explains its being superfast. The device just takes 15 minutes to boot up. It means just switch on the notebook and blink your eyes a fewer times and you will see log in screen. The notebook handles all types of computing works that you may need daily.
Don’t worry; your finger will not get stuck into the groove. Keyboard is spacious thereby allowing you to slide your fingers over it without any difficulties. In a word, it will be a comfortable typing experience for you.
Sound is pretty good. And preloaded SoundAlive software makes this acoustic experience much better through a range of equalizer settings.
More on the List
The notebook allows the users to toggle on and off the touchpad and touchscreen with the help of Input option of Setting.
Screen is glossy and that makes it prone to stains and fingerprints. The same feature is responsible for regular reflection which affects affect visibility adversely. Display does not look same from all angles. View it from other positions instead of standing right in the front of this notebook and images will look almost washed out.
The keyboard has not backlighting. Other downsides are the notepad includes only one USB 3.0 port and other two USBs are of 2.0 version. Going strong in the market and time can only tell if the show will go on.







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