Have you tried to install Vidyo Desktop on Ubuntu 16.04 (including Server Edition) ? If you have, then you might have noticed that it doesn’t work. Here are the steps those need to be followed to setup Vidyo Desktop on Ubuntu linux machine.

Steps to Install VidyoDesktop on Ubuntu 16.04 (Server Edition):


  1. Uninstall any failed setup of Vidyo Desktop (if previously installed).


  2. Download the Vidyo Desktop (customized) from here: . This custom built installation file contains the control parameter “Depends: libxss1, libaudio2, libasound2, libqt4-designer, libqt4-opengl, libqt4-svg, libqtgui4, libqt4-network”.


  3. After installing the above, still the GUI of the Vidyo Desktop doesn’t open. Check the error by running “VidyoDesktop” from a terminal. Solution: Install the missing libqtwebkit4 package.


    apt-get install libqtwebkit4


Now the Vidyo Desktop works like a charm !!