Where to find the JSView Firefox Addon – Discontinued from Addons Repo.

Where to find the JSView Firefox Addon – Discontinued from Addons Repo.

Update: Date: 6th Sept. 2014

From Firefox 32(Version 32) onwards, this add-on JSView has stopped working and is no more compatible and won’t be in future versions of Firefox as well. However there is an alternative add-on which can be used for getting the list of JS and CSS file being loaded with web pages. Its the “Phoenix” add-on. 🙂

Phoenix will tell you how many CSS and JS files are loaded into a page, how big these are, it will let you edit, pack and de-obfuscate them too.

Download the “Phoenix” add-on, the alternative for “JSView”. https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/phoenix/

Where can I find the popular JSView firefox addon which I have been using since a long time. Today I formatted my system and reinstalled firefox. JSView Suddenly I found that the the most useful firefox addon to list/view/copy path/url of JS files and CSS files is discontinued from the official firefox addon repository. On the mozdev.org site, its mentioned that ” JSView appears to have been abandoned by the author. It hasn’t been updated since July 2008 ”
However, we can still use this addon( of-course with personal choice/risk ) by taking it directly from the stored location as it is no more displayed on the addons/extensions list.

To install this addon on your firefox browser, open the link on firefox and follow the procedure.


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  1. Hi All! [regarding: jsview-2.0.8-mod.xpi]

    As of about version 32 (beta) of firefox this SO amazing extension is broken – icon show though nothing showing functionally. anyone confirm? IDEAS? desperate! best wishes to all.

    • Hi SickSight, Even though this Addon is not listed on the Firefox addon server, but this old plugin still works on the latest Firefox version which I am using right now. It works fine for me !! However, the addon you have pointed out is good too. 🙂

  2. Hm, i can confirm what SickSight said. I can see a tooltip with counters for JS- and CSS-files, but no pull-down list of them, when i click the JSView-Button … bad 🙁
    Okey, so i will use phoenix instead …

  3. Hey there, thanks for the post. I was using JSView a lot, too bad it does not work anymore.
    Phoenix is okay but it misses a key feature: JSView extracted JS and CSS code from within HTML files and displayed it in an extra window. Phoenix however does only show external JS and CSS files plus whole HTML file. Do you know any details about why JSView does not work anymore? Maybe that is fixable or maybe the feature can be implemented into Phoenix?

    • Hey there, thank you for the new add-on, I use it a lot already.
      But unfortunately I think it is not working 100% accurate.
      The numbers of found files vary a lot between the JSView, Phoenix JS and SpeedView.
      JSView and Phoenix JS usually find around the same number of files, SpeedView somtimes finds a lot less.

      For example on this site JSView finds 31 JS/18 CSS, Phoenix 33 JS/18 CSS and SpeedView finds 18 JS/13 CSS.

      I am not entirely sure if this is a real bug, maybe the other addons just split the files differently.
      However, It would be great if every bit of code and css could be found and be displayed separately. I often use the addons to reverse engineer sites for bugfixing, so I pretty much depend on a complete overview.

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