is_home() || is_front_page() not working ! [solved]

There are some situations when the WP conditional tags doesn’t work. Be it any reason like say: Multiple WordPress loops, faulty use of query_posts(…) or issue in the code itself. Basically this problem occurs when there is a change in the main query by the use of query_posts(). Fortunately WordPress always keeps the original, unaltered query intact. So, to get back that where all the conditional tags works we have to use the wp_reset_query().

Just place this function call wp_reset_query() before the conditional tag to solve this issue of WordPress’s is_home() || is_front_page() is not working. I faced this issue once and wp_reset_query() solved my problem.

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PERFECT – this is just what I was searching for!

I was googling around for at least 30 mins, because I’m using “is_front_page()” after I altered the wp_query. I only want to display posts of a certain category on the front page followed by the latest post of another category.

Thank you very much, that made my day!

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